Galichica National Park is located on the south-western part of Macedonia. This park includes Mount Galicica with its coastline of Prespa and Ohrid Lake. Galichica is located at 2,254 meters above sea level and covers an area of ​​22,750 square meters. Park Galichica is situated between the two largest lakes in Macedonia, Prespa and Ohrid Lake. Particularly attractive is that there is a part of the mountain from where you can see simultaneously both lakes. On the mountain you can find over a thousand species of plants. From plants that represent special value in the national park “Galicica” should emphasize plants of woody vegetation and relict and endemic forms. From the woody plants attractive are: wild and descendants Foja pine and fir munika, horse chestnut and other endemic plants can be distinguished: junipertree, rabbits foya, Molik, munikata, omelika and others. From the beautiful features of nature are most attractive Naum cave will and “Samotskata” hole. Also Galichica national park can be used for running and walking for recreational trails. In the park Galichica regularly are organising sports activities through the park passing route of cycling event which takes place every year “Tour de Galichica”, there are also suitable areas for skiing, the park is also perfect for fans of adrenaline or mountaintops It is very suitable for paragliding also there are more attractive peaks for climbers to conquer.




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